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About Student Resources
The Gruen and Speare Student Resource Center provides students with academic advising, career planning, portfolio preparation, test taking, tutoring and writing. Students can also receive assistance with learning disabilities and advanced learning opportunities.

Olivet College
Mott Academic Center 209
320 S. Main St.
Olivet, MI 49076

(269) 749-6637

8:30 a.m. - 5 p.m., Monday - Friday

Academic Advising
Academic Resources and Disability Services
Career Services Network
Electronic Portfolio Services
Retention Services
Department Staff

Academic Advising
The Academic Advising Office is here to assist students whose faculty advisor happens to be unavailable.  We can provide information about any of the major, minor or program requirements that the college offers and assist you in developing your four-year academic plan.  We can also help with questions during course scheduling periods and during the drop/add period.  For athletes, we also handle questions regarding academic eligibility and rules compliance.

What the office provides:
An open door policy
Students may discuss coursework concerns, procedures, transfer equivalents, curriculum changes and degree requirements.

Major, minor and program requirements
Requirements for each major, minor and program are all on one handout so students can chart their progress toward a degree. Students will also have regular meetings with their academic advisor.

Help with changing a major or minor
Students can find advice and counseling about changing academic goals by exploring different majors or minors, getting information on curriculum, prerequisites and course offerings.

Information on becoming certified to teach
Students can learn how to apply for teacher certification, as well as learn about the necessary requirements and tests.

Help with forming a four-year academic plan
Making a four-year plan is very important in order to graduate on time. Forms are available in the Academic Advising Office; center staff can help students complete them.

Learning Disability Services

This office works with students to create and develop alternative approaches to common academic problems. The Disability Office is ready to assist students with one-on-one assistance and resources that create an environment of opportunity. The office provides academic counseling and assistance with test-taking skills, as well as a quiet and private room for testing. Computers are also available for students to take tests that require visuals. Students also benefit from note-taking assistance, study skills and time management skills. 

Students who have problems with taking notes can also check out a voice recorder. Software is now available for students who are visually and hearing impaired.

What the office provides:
• How-to informational pamphlets and handouts for research, studying, test taking, etc.  
• Self-help DVDs available for loan
• Tips on taking essay exams and objective tests
• Workshops to develop “master student” skills
• Assistance with academic goal setting and charting progress

For Students with Diagnosed Learning Disabilities
• Voice recorders
• Note-taking assistance in the classroom
• Alternate testing sites and procedures, including readers and scribes
• Print enhancement software

Electronic Portfolio Services

The Olivet College Electronic Portfolio Program provides students a place to display their best academic and professional work. It is an online collection of papers, photographs and presentations that demonstrate a student’s mastery of his or her area of study. The portfolio enables students to showcase traditional papers or short videos side-by -side. It will also contain tools to help students develop their plans of study, maintain dynamic resumes and create different portfolios for different needs.

Tutoring Services
We offer tutors for students at all levels. Our goal is to support students as they work to improve their writing, math, and study skills so they can succeed and thrive at Olivet College. To sign up for a conference in writing or math, please check out the schedules near the front desk. Other subjects vary according to the needs students express each semester. If you are interested in a tutor in another subject, please complete the Tutor Request Form and drop it in the box. You will be contacted to arrange an appointment to determine what your needs are, so a suitable tutor can be arranged for you. We are looking forward to helping you meet your goals.

A. An individual's work

B. Resource materials are available on various writing-related topics. Representatives from the program can also work with faculty members to visit classes to aid students in the process of developing college-level writing, mathematics and study skills.

Like most learning center environments, our tutors do not provide an editing service. Tutors adhere to the principles of the Olivet College Compact with the following policies:

• Each student is responsible for the work he or she produces. Tutors provide suggestions and may point out specific punctuation or grammar errors, but the tutor is not responsible for making a paper perfect. 

• The student and tutor must work together in the conference process. We do not endorse an editing model whereby the tutor simply corrects problems. Tutors aim to engage students, leading them toward an understanding of writing conventions and an appreciation of their own unique style.

• The student and tutor are responsible for treating each other with respect and for behaving and communicating with honesty and integrity. Throughout the writing conference process, both the student and tutor must maintain a level of respect appropriate in a college environment.
Tutor schedules change each semester. Visit Mott 209 to view a current schedule and arrange an appointment.

Retention Services

The Office of Student Retention supports students with the skills they need to be successful at Olivet College. From your freshman year to graduation day, retention advisors are always on hand to answer questions and address your specific needs. Whether you need assistance with financial aid, academics or housing, the retention team works with all faculty and staff members to make sure you get the most out of your college experience. In addition, the retention team provides services such as time management and study skills, peer mentoring, SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Time-defined goals) plan development and campus referrals.


Department Staff

Ronda Miller
Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, Director of the Gruen and Speare Student Resource Center
Mott 209
(269) 749-7160
Diana Boatwright
Academic Disability Services Coordinator,
Adjunct Professor of Education
Mott 209
(269) 749-7702
Bill Maas
Academic Counselor, Head Women's Golf Coach,
NCAA Compliance Coordinator
Mott 209
  Joanne Williams
Director of Career Service Network, Assistant Professor of
Journalism and Theatre, Advisor for the
Mott 209
  Art Williams
Director of Electronic Portfolios
Mott 209
  Angela Goodman
Student Retention Advisor; Academic Advisor;
Coordinator for Peer Learning
Mott 209
  Myrna Pedelty
Administrative Assistant for Student Resources
Mott 209


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