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Joanne Williams
Director of Career Services Network
Mott Academic Center (269) 749-7698

"The steps you take today will impact the success you have tomorrow. Start steering your course with suggestions and plans provided by the Career Services Network. We assist with career skills, personal development and providing volunteer, internship and employment ideas and success." Welcome! Joanne Williams

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Career Services Network is part of It is our career and employment management system, offering our students and alumni local and international job opportunities. Just log on today and start a daily routine of not only looking at career opportunities but taking advantage of the videos and information available about job searching, resume building and more! Be sure to post your resume as employers have the ability to search for you. It’s all free and easy.

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Wall Street Journal Career Site
Detroit Job Site
Psychology Career Center
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Link Up Job Search Engine
The Executive Job Search
Banking and Financial Services Career Network
Graduate Guide
Green Local Jobs
Free healthcare career resource,

Free career resource for nurses, Traveling Nurse
Free information on the companies you are interested in,
Free access to information on companies you are interested in,
Information on graduate schools and scholarships,
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The mission of the Career Services Network (CSN) is to develop, manage, foster and disseminate career, internship, job and graduate and/or professional development opportunities for the Olivet College campus and alumni.

Career Services Network Offerings
The Career Services Network co-sponsors career development workshops with academic departments, student organizations and Greek societies. Such events include:

  • Employer Fair, in cooperation with the Alpha Alpha Chapter of Gamma Iota Sigma. Employers who attend the fair represent a variety of professions and businesses.
  • Graduate Fair, in cooperation with Phi Beta Lambda. This event gives students the opportunity to learn about graduate entry exams, view printed information from graduate schools and meet representatives from universities and law schools.

Student Services

Job Vacancies Posting
We keep copies of job openings sent to us by employers in the Career Services Network.
Job listings are posted on this site as well.

The Career Services Network publishes listings of internship openings. We also have reference materials listing internship openings in our career resources library.

Resume Critiques
Schedule an appointment to have your resume critiquedand to learn about employment interviewing and preparing for your interview.

Job Search Advice
Schedule an appointment to meet with a career advisor. You can also use our Web-based resources to begin a job search.

Career Development Assistance
Schedule an appointment to meet with a career advisor. You can also use our Web-based resources to begin your self-assessment and career exploration.

Graduate School Information & Advice
We have information about various graduate programs available for use in the Career Services Network.

Internship Resources

What Employers are Looking for in Candidates

  • Academic preparation
  • Communication skills (including public speaking and presentations)
  • Computer aptitude (including higher levels of computer proficiency, particularly the ability to use a language such as JAVA or HTML and graphics programs)
  • Leadership
  • Teamwork
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Personal accountability
  • Shift thinking and creating new knowledge that can be used by the organization; requires "strategic" or "breakthrough" thinking - another way of saying higher levels of complex, critical thinking
  • Ability to adapt to changing systems - flexibility to handle multiple tasks
  • Demonstrated commitment to learning
  • Participation in co-curricular activities
  • Career-related employment
  • Internships (both credit-bearing and non-credit bearing)
  • Co-op experience
  • Leadership in organizations
  • Student organization membership
  • Community service
  • Diversity training
  • Athletic participation
  • Overseas study

Alumni Services

  • Career Development Assistance
  • Graduate School Information and Advice
  • Interviewing Advice - schedule an appointment to meet with an advisor. You can also use our Web-based resources to begin learning about employment interviewing and preparation for interviews.
  • Job Search Advice - Schedule an appointment to meet with an advisor to discuss your job search. You can alos use our Web-based resources to begin your job search.
  • Monster Trak
  • Job Vacancy Bulletins - we keep copies of job openings sent to us by employers in our office.
  • Olivet College Career Fair - each spring we sponsor a career fair. This event allows you to meet with many employers in one location.
  • Online Tutorials
  • Resume Critiques - Schedule an appointment to meet with an advisor. You can also use our Web-based resources to begin learning about resume creation and draft a resume prior to your appointment.
  • Salary Information

Faculty and Staff Services

  • Speakers available to present on such topics as:
  • Career Assessment
  • Career Exploration
  • Career Decision Making
  • Internship and Job Shadowing opportunities
  • Study Abroad Opportunities
  • The Job Search
  • Employment Interviewing
  • Business Creation
  • Resume and Cover Letter Creation


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