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What should your major be?

Let us help you pick a major that aligns with your interests!

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He winks a lot, smiles like the Kool-Aid Man and is an encyclopedia of baseball facts (especially tidbits about the Detroit Tigers).

Yet, Olivet College freshman Matt Scher is still in the WOCR office an hour before his 8 p.m. show, anxious to talk to his listeners tuning in from Florida, Michigan, Kansas and Ohio.

His print notes, barely legible, are being scanned over and over. Scher, a journalism and mass communications major (JMC), is not blinking. He is consumed by his show before it even hits the airwaves. Tonight’s topic is college basketball and the National... Read more

Bela ’68 and Christy “Irma” (Thomas) ’69 Krusac performed in the NBC Movie of the Week, Dolly Parton’s “Coat of Many Colors” in December. Never having been on a movie set, Irma drove Bela to the set the first morning just to see what he had gotten himself into. When the director called for all the actors to line up for inspection, Irma remained in her seat.

“You!” the assistant director shouted pointing a finger at her. “Are you part of this set?”

“Ah, no sir. I just drove my husband down here to see what was going on.”

“Good!” he shouted back with a... Read more

Final exam week doesn’t have to be survival of the fittest. Take it from these Olivet College seniors who have had to do their fair share of studying and exam preparation. We’ve collected 10 of the best “go-to” finals week tips from our most seasoned students to help you ace your exams.

1. If you can teach it, you know it.

Senior Linnea Brege knows how to get the best out of her brain as a psychology major and social work minor. When it comes time for final exams, she says that talking with others about interesting points she’s learned during a course unit helps her better... Read more

As a member of the insurance industry with more than 26 years of experience, Tom Humphreys was ready for a change of pace. As luck would have it, in the fall of 2015 Olivet College had an opening for an assistant professor in the Risk Management & Insurance (RMI) program. Just one year later, in the fall of 2016, Tom will be focused on much more than teaching as he starts his new role as director of the program.

“Of all the places to go, Olivet was it for me because it’s known by everyone in the insurance industry in the state of Michigan as the place for insurance,”... Read more

When Emily Nelson graduated from Olivet High School (OHS) in 2014, she knew that she wouldn’t have to look further than her own backyard to decide where to attend college.

Today, the Olivet College music major has traded in her green and white-accented marching band uniform for a brand new crimson red and timeless black ensemble that debuted this past fall with the return of the Marching Comets.

Small Town Harmony

Growing up, music was always an influence in Nelson’s life. After being heavily involved with the OHS Bands as an instrumentalist and color guard member, even... Read more

Since 1975, Olivet College’s own student-run radio station, WOCR 89-1, has helped give its students a voice across campus and within the local community.

From sports to politics, Comet news to high-energy music, majors and non-majors alike have been taking it to the air to learn what it takes to become a radio star.

Making Airwaves

When assistant professor of business administration Michael Oyster ’77 came to campus in the fall of 1974, it was then-sophomore Chuck Mefford ’76 who enlisted his help to build a 100-watt station in the bottom of the Kirk Center.

... Read more

Senior Cecilia Bayne enjoys a challenge on and off the field.

As captain of the women’s lacrosse team and president of the college’s Association for Women in Mathematics (AWM) chapter, Bayne is a mathematics major who gives a whole new meaning to the word “mathlete.”


Whiz Kid

Bayne has always had a natural knack for math. After exhausting all of her high school math courses, she looked to dual enroll through a local community college and quickly excelled in college calculus. Before she even received her diploma from Lakeview High School, she had already accumulated... Read more

Sometimes it takes a leap of faith to get you where you need to be. Mahalia Stelter, a senior majoring in visual arts knows that all too well; she chose Olivet College on a gut feeling and accepted enrollment before even visiting the campus. Now in her final semester as an Olivet College student, Mahalia is still happy about her decision and has a lot to look back on.

Small Class Size. Big Rewards.

In a major where so much of the grade is based on your professors knowing you as a student, and how you’ve grown as an artist, it’s easy to see why Mahalia might... Read more

With spring in the air and warmer months around the corner, many people are rolling up their sleeves to perform a little elbow grease on spring cleaning projects. This week, Olivet College is following suit. Campus-wide and surrounding communities will give back this Wednesday, March 30 in support of the college’s annual Spring Service Day.

Learning Through Service

Since 1995, Olivet College has devoted one day each semester toward helping others; bringing faculty, staff and students together to make a difference in the world around them. 

Service learning... Read more

You don’t have to be an ambitious, motivated insurance major at Olivet College to land a full time job before graduation – but it helps. Hailey Willett is just that. As a senior Risk Management and Insurance (RMI) major with a minor in Journalism and Mass Media and Communication (JMC), she is one of a kind.

Unique in Every Way

Starting at Olivet College with a huge interest in journalism, Hailey thought she was destined to be a reporter. But, early on in her freshman year a few students in her​ dorm approached her about the RMI major and told her about Olivet’s unique... Read more


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What should your major be?

Let us help you pick a major that aligns with your interests!

Start Here