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What should your major be?

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[0:24] It's a given that we are all of this earth, but often times we fail to realize we do not live the same realities. My purpose for this poem is to give my audience a chance to step outside of themselves and see with the lenses that I've developed through 21 years of life experience. 

Born between a bullet
And a hard place,
A mother’s touch
Can only soothe
So much before
Life’s ills penetrate a child’s psyche
Like a syringe piercing veins
Delivering heaven to the fiends
On the corner.

It’s absurd... Read more

Picture this: picture a girl who has lived in Olivet for the past 15 years. Now, picture this same girl, as a sophomore in College, STILL trying to learn the street names in her small home town of Olivet. Now place this same directionally challenged girl in a completely different country for four weeks. Are you feeling slightly nervous for this girl?  I was.

The day I left for England, I sat on the porch of Soronian, looking out at Olivet. I remember thinking, “This is finally it, I finally get to leave Olivet.” Don’t get me wrong, I adore Olivet, but this is my home. At that point... Read more

I grew up only a few miles from this college, and for my early years I considered Charlotte my home. But, in eighth-grade, I stepped off of an aged, green bus and onto the property of Camp Barakel. My first week there is little more than a blur today, but emotions of happiness, acceptance, love and friendship are so strong I never doubted why I went back year after year. After graduating from high school I spent a summer up at camp life guarding, last year I spent the summer counseling students from third-grade to 12th grade, and this summer I spent one week as a team leader. A team leader... Read more

When you’re an Olivet College alumnus/a, you have the advantage of a liberal arts education to take you anywhere in the world. Branden Patrick ’03, of Wayland, has discovered just that. After earning his degree from Olivet, Branden chose to pursue a calling to join the United States Army. He served until 2012, including three years of active duty service with one year in Iraq. Branden was honorably discharged as a staff sergeant and has since made his career in manufacturing, working as a production manager at Peterson Spring in Maumee, Ohio.

A few years ago, Branden’s father, Bruce... Read more

1. Buy your textbooks! Why wait until the last minute when the bookstore is right on campus? You can find the materials required for each course by clicking here. Most professors are lenient about books during the first week of class but some give extra credit for bringing the book on the first day! Plus, assignments will start rolling in right away so you don’t want to get behind on studying.

2. Make some friends! Put yourself out there during these first few days. You’ll be relieved when you’re... Read more

Dining on campus is part of your student experience at OC. You might be excited to escape from your mom’s meatloaf or disappointed to miss out every time your dad grills his secret recipe steak, but on campus, Chartwells provides something for even the pickiest eater, every single day.

The Kirk Center, better known as simply the KC, is home to the main cafeteria on campus. Located right on Main Street, it’s hard to miss. Here, you’ll be able to eat breakfast, lunch and dinner. The options are truly endless! From healthy options to comfort foods, Chartwells makes it possible to serve... Read more

Wednesday, Aug. 31, 2016

Stand-Up isn’t just another college tradition; it’s THE Olivet College tradition. Stand-Up is a welcome, a new beginning and a dawning of not only the new school year, but of student life at OC.

As early the 1870s, and confirmed in 1896, Stand-Up has been a custom of Olivet College. The entire campus participates in the event. A handshake, or more importantly, a first impression, is the basis.

The simplest way to explain this longstanding OC tradition is this: The entire college community gathers in a line... Read more

“I love journalism for the long nights, early mornings, dull pencils and coffee burps,” said Brian Freiberger, editor of the Echo. Brian is only entering his sophomore year of college this fall, but the hefty load of editor responsibilities isn’t scaring him off. With a growing passion for journalism, this is exactly the opportunity Brian was looking for to feed his hunger for reporting.

It Takes Passion

Brian, of Onsted, discovered journalism just before graduating high school. Even though it was new to him, he could tell by the intensity of the way it... Read more

Homecoming isn’t just about the football game, a large crowd and school spirit. It’s about coming together and celebrating Olivet College, a place that has left a mark on many.

Frank Corl ’94 (pictured right) and Amy Gardner Dean ’92 will be joining Olivet College during Homecoming to celebrate art, their niche at OC, by exhibiting their work in the Riethmiller Blackman Art Building Kresge Foundation Art Gallery. The exhibits will be available for viewing from Oct. 6 through Nov. 4. The artists will hold a special reception and gallery talk during Homecoming Friday, Oct. 7 from 5 to... Read more

Olivet College is gearing up for what is sure to be an incredible fall semester, and we’re excited to welcome the class of #OC2020 to campus for the first time! To all new freshmen, transfer students and their families, welcome to #OCNation! And to returning students, welcome back!

Now that Move-In Day is complete, here’s what you can expect for the rest of Welcome Week at OC. Don’t hesitate to ask questions by contacting us at any time at 800.456.7189.

Monday, Aug. 29

Greek Leadership Training for fraternities and sororities will... Read more


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What should your major be?

Let us help you pick a major that aligns with your interests!

Start Here