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For senior Blane Heisler, financial planning is more than just a college major that requires crunching numbers and learning about the stock market. It’s setting important goals, attempting to predict the future and providing clients with the financial security that allows them to live a worry-free lifestyle.

Blane learned the importance of financial planning when his grandmother passed away. Not only did his family have to carry the burden of mourning a loved one, they were saddled with the realization that the family was financially unprepared to handle this kind of loss. To... Read more

Olivet College welcomed one of its largest incoming classes in history this fall, with 420 new students joining the student body. Along with the student growth Olivet is experiencing, seven new faculty members were also added to the instructional staff at the college.


Meredith Dodson, M.F.A.
Director of Writing Program
Assistant Professor of Writing

Professor Dodson will be teaching creative non-fiction writing and will serve as the director of the writing program. “I’m thrilled to be here at Olivet and to join a strong writing... Read more

For Senior ReBekah McDaniel, college held a lot of uncertainty. Naturally shy, Rebekah, from Lansing, knew she would have to work hard to overcome her inner self doubt to shine. With the numerous opportunities available to students and encouragement from faculty and staff, it didn’t take long for ReBekah, pictured below, to immerse herself in extracurricular activities, leaving the shy girl behind in exchange for a new, bold, confidence that ultimately led to an experience ReBekah never would have thought possible for her old self. Read ReBekah’s personal account below.

Traveling to... Read more

Experience the joy of art without leaving campus! Olivet College is hosting a series of exhibitions in the Kresge Foundation Gallery of the Riethmiller Blackman Art Building during the 2016-17 academic year. View works by students, alumni, and Michigan artists. Each event is on display for several weeks and includes an artist’s reception. Join the Olivet College community for refreshments and a celebration of these amazing artists.

Ann Arbor artist, Nick Reszetar, opens the 2016-17 Kresge Foundation Gallery Exhibition series from Sept. 8 to Sept. 30 with his work entitled Lived... Read more

Olivet College has announced the Dean’s Scholars Series events for the fall 2016 semester. The DSS has become a tradition of Olivet College that brings the community together around a specific topic of interest. Students and faculty members are invited by Maria Davis, Ph.D., provost and dean of the college, to present their peer-reviewed or other high-quality scholarly work to the college and community. All events are free and open to the public.

“The Dean’s Scholars Series provides an excellent opportunity for faculty and students alike to share their intellectual work,”... Read more

Professor Gary Wertheimer will be representing Olivet College in Kellogg Community College’s new sculpture garden with his piece Great Blue Heron (pictured right). The 2001 bronze sculpture on a granite pedestal will be displayed in a new garden area at the Davidson Art Building on the Battle Creek campus. KCC learned about Wertheimer’s piece through their ceramics instructor, Pete Williams, a longtime colleague of Wertheimer. Bronze, granite, marble and limestone are a few of Wertheimer’s materials of choice. He enjoys crafting materials in a way that cleverly suggests the subjects they... Read more

What does Olivet College mean to me? It means Kirk Hedershott-Kraetzer's essay assignments. Laura Barlond-Maas’ brunches. Margi Heppner’s positive disposition. Jake Schuler’s alarming but kind hello. Mike and Judy Fales' Canadian Thanksgiving dinners. Kim McGowan’s crazy ideas and Karen Lutzke’s ability to be a mom away from home. It’s the way John Moore emanates confidence into my studies. For me, these people have impacted my experience at Olivet College on an incredibly personal level. 

But, what does Olivet College mean to the mass majority of us?

We have an opportunity... Read more

[0:24] It's a given that we are all of this earth, but often times we fail to realize we do not live the same realities. My purpose for this poem is to give my audience a chance to step outside of themselves and see with the lenses that I've developed through 21 years of life experience. 

Born between a bullet
And a hard place,
A mother’s touch
Can only soothe
So much before
Life’s ills penetrate a child’s psyche
Like a syringe piercing veins
Delivering heaven to the fiends
On the corner.

It’s absurd... Read more

Picture this: picture a girl who has lived in Olivet for the past 15 years. Now, picture this same girl, as a sophomore in College, STILL trying to learn the street names in her small home town of Olivet. Now place this same directionally challenged girl in a completely different country for four weeks. Are you feeling slightly nervous for this girl?  I was.

The day I left for England, I sat on the porch of Soronian, looking out at Olivet. I remember thinking, “This is finally it, I finally get to leave Olivet.” Don’t get me wrong, I adore Olivet, but this is my home. At that point... Read more

I grew up only a few miles from this college, and for my early years I considered Charlotte my home. But, in eighth-grade, I stepped off of an aged, green bus and onto the property of Camp Barakel. My first week there is little more than a blur today, but emotions of happiness, acceptance, love and friendship are so strong I never doubted why I went back year after year. After graduating from high school I spent a summer up at camp life guarding, last year I spent the summer counseling students from third-grade to 12th grade, and this summer I spent one week as a team leader. A team leader... Read more


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What should your major be?

Let us help you pick a major that aligns with your interests!

Start Here